Let’s Do This

Why, hello there!

Hello to my beautiful peeps!

It’s been one heck of ride to make this become a reality for me. I’m taking a big leap into the crafting/blog world. I will be covering a wide variety of topics that will include my life, my family, and my interests.

I have a couple things I would like to say before we start. This is intended to be a fun and safe place. I will not tolerate hateful comments to myself or others commenting.

I am available for questions at my email address lovecindyadh@gmail.com. This is an email for this blog/channel only and not my personal email. That being said, I am a lady who has a family. I will respond back to you, but it may take me a little while to do so. I appreciate your understanding and patience.

I will post my disclaimer here and in another area of my blog:

Please note that I purchase all of my own products. Because I do so, I am entitled to give my honest opinion on these products. I believe this is the best policy to have because you will know what products I truly promote, or if I am in search of another type.

Some of the links you may see listed in my blog or on my YouTube channel may be affiliate links. This mean I will receive a small commission based on the products purchased when you use my links and this is at no additional cost to you. This small commission allows me to keeps purchasing and testing products for you.

But I want to sincerely let you know that I appreciate each and every one of you that come by to visit, whether it be once or regularly. You all are truly what this is about and I am thankful to have the opportunity to join this amazing community.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s start having some fun!


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