The MISTI has Come to My Craft Room!!!

Hello to my beautiful peeps!

So this is a purchase I have definitely been looking forward to and I’m so excited to be sharing it here right out of the box. I haven’t even given it a try first!


MISTI with grid paper, magnet, and recommended cleaner.

So if you haven’t heard of the MISTI yet, let me fill you in on some general information. It’s official name is Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented or MISTI for short. It’s probably the best stamp press I have seen so far. It is absolutely perfect for placing your stamps down on your paper, then picking it up with the clean door. You can even straighten out your stamps on the grid screen printed on the clear door.


A better look at the clear door and the magnet inside.

If you would like to read more details about the MISTI, you can do so at the My Sweet Petunia website here:

With my MISTI, I chose to do a couple of the add on products, like the super strong magnet available. I like the idea of being able to hold my work in place, if needed.


I also chose to get some of the 6.5 by 8.5 pad of grid paper available on the My Sweet Petunia website, just to help measure up on the grid if I need to move the project I’m stamping on.


There is also the Novus plastic cleaner that is recommended for the screen printed door. I decided to purchase a bottle of this cleaner because I know I am so messy! I’m sure I’ll get ink everywhere the first time I use it.

I’ll be doing some cards soon, so I will post a video on the basics of how to use the MISTI! So excited!

Love, Cindy ADH


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