Why I’m Not Making My Own Stickers Right Now

Hi friends!

I don’t usually do these types of posts. I don’t like complaining. I don’t like whining about my personal problems, but I do want to make you aware of the situation that is happening to me right now.

For those of you you follow me, you may know that I use a Cricut Explore as my electronic die cutter of choice. They recently distributed a new plug-in. Since that plug-in, I have been unable to cut. Not cool!

So I called customer support. I spend over an hour with them on the phone troubleshooting my issue. I was calm and patient. Things happen, you know? There has to be a work around somewhere. After the troubleshooting, the advisor informed me that a higher form of their technical support would need to contact me to do some further troubleshooting. Ok. I can deal with that too.

I was told I would be contacted within one business day.

So the next business day (today), I called right before closing to see what was going on and why I didn’t get a call. The advisor I spoke to was very kind, but the wrong expectation was set. The next tier of troubleshooting would not be available for 3-5 business days.

Say what? I know, right?

I really tried to be polite. After all, it wasn’t the second advisor’s fault. But I am so extremely disappointed by their customer service right now. I collected my case number and went on my way.

I will still be doing my Plan with Me video this weekend, but I will not have my own stickers made.

I was also planning on making some other projects, but I suppose all of this is on hold in the meantime.

So my question for all of you tonight, because I’m seriously considering a change, Cricut or Silhouette?

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Love, Cindy ADH

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