Why I’m Not Making My Own Stickers Right Now: Part 2

Hi friends!

So my Cricut Explore is still down for the count. I spoke with Cricut this week to do some more troubleshooting and right now, there is no solution in sight.

We did most of the steps I had already done, which included uninstalling the plug in and Adobe. We did get one bigger cut in, but it will not do multiple cuts, like my stickers.

At first the woman I was speaking with said something along the lines of I may not be able to do such small intricate cuts (Say what? That’s what the Cricut is for!), but then tried it herself on one of their machines with success.

So… her only educational guess it that there may be some sort of communication error between the plug-in and my OS X 10.10.4 (which is a newer update).

She said they will be having the developers look into my issue further… Next week.

So until then… I won’t be having my regular Plan with Me this week. (Sorry!) But I do have a couple really fun hauls to share with you.

And I ordered a Silhouette Portrait that will be arriving this week so I be able to get rolling again soon.

Until then… I hope you all are having an awesome week!

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Love, Cindy ADH

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